10-27-16 Status Report

The Oregon Inlet Artificial Reef Committee has submitted two grant proposals in an effort to secure funding for AR-165, our new artificial reef site. Although many people are under the impression this project is a “done deal”, that is not, in fact, the case. 

The new artificial reef location has been approved, but funding for construction is really just starting. This will be the most difficult obstacle the AR Committee faces, and we need your financial support to ensure the success of this endeavor. 

Our first effort in requesting a funding grant from the Dare County Visitors’ Bureau was rejected. As it was explained to us by officials at the Bureau, our project did not qualify for a grant as it was not located in Dare County. AR-165 will be constructed in North Carolina waters, within three miles of the beach. It was requested that the rules relating to the grant proposal in question be amended by adding the additional language “or adjacent waters”. This request was also denied by the Visitors’ Bureau. 

The Oregon Inlet Artificial Reef Committee is attempting to show some solid local financial support for this new reef. These are referred to as matching funds and they can have a significant impact on the success of additional grants we are seeking. 

In our efforts to secure local funding, we have set up a Go Fund Me account on our new Facebook page. Our Facebook page is found at OBX Anglers Club Artificial Reef Program. One hundred percent of all proceeds to this account will be used for construction of AR-165. 

We are asking you to consider making a donation in any amount you feel comfortable. The viability of this reef may very well depend on the showing of local support we are able to generate for it’s construction. 

Our Committee views this as an opportunity to invest in the future of world class, near-shore fishing on the Outer Banks. Please help us attain this worthy goal.