2-19-16 Status Report

The first official meeting of the Oregon Inlet Artificial Reef Committee of the Outer Banks Anglers Club was held on February 25, 2016, in Nags Head. Dick Parker was selected as Chairman and Gordon Galligan was chosen as Project Coordinator.

The first project we intend to take on is the establishment of a new AR site within 3 miles of the beach and closer to the inlet. Three of our four current sites are outside 3 miles and anywhere from 8 to 13 miles from the sea buoy.

The nearest, AR160, is the only one for which we can seek funding from the Coastal Recreation Fishing License grant funds. AR160 is also scheduled to receive 55% of the debris from the demolition of the Bonner Bridge. We therefore feel an additional site would be beneficial and provide a fishing location that more people can access.

Jason Peters, NC Artificial Reef Coordinator, has been recently contacted and made aware of our desire to create such new habitat. He is discussing the matter with others in his department. Hopefully, we will know something soon.

If anyone knows anything about grant writing or has a contact in this field, please share this information with Dick or Gordon. We will be seeking grant funds in June which will be awarded next January in the event we are successful.

We are interested in sinking vessels on our AR sites and have a good line on where to acquire these ships. We just need the money to purchase them and they are not inexpensive.

We have our work cut out for us, but feel this is a worthy project that has the potential of providing excellent fishing habitat for generations to come. Come join us on our quest!