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9-26-17 - Hopefully, we will be the subject of such a news release in the near future.

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New reef materials enhance fishing for Brunswick County anglers 

MOREHEAD CITY – Anglers who fish in Brunswick County waters will find improvements at one of the offshore fishing sites this fall. 

The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries’ Artificial Reef Program, in partnership with the Long Bay Artificial Reef Association, recently sank a barge and more than 1,600 tons of concrete pipe on Artificial Reef-430. 

The new material will enhance fishing opportunities for anglers from Oak Island, Southport, and Ocean Isle who target nearshore species such as flounder, Spanish mackerel and king mackerel. 

The reef is about 2.6 nautical miles offshore of Oak Island in about 35 feet of water. 

Contractors sank the 75-foot barge on July 19. In August, 1,606 tons of concrete pipe was deployed at several locations on the reef site. 

The division plans to sink up to another 2,500 tons of concrete materials on the site this fall, more than doubling the amount of material on the reef. The division initially deployed 2,000 tons of concrete pipe on the site in 2013.  

Approximate coordinates for the new materials are listed below and will be available on the division’s Interactive Reef Guide upon completion of the project. 





33° 52.326’ N

78° 09.985’ W

Concrete Pipe

33° 52.339’ N

78° 10.119’ W

Concrete Pipe

33° 52.363’ N

78° 10.000’ W

Concrete Pipe

33° 52.314’ N

78° 09.852’ W

Concrete Pipe

33° 52.190’ N

78° 09.792’ W

 Click here to go to the Interactive Reef Guide. 

Additionally, hard copies of the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Artificial Reef Guide are available at division offices in Morehead City, Wilmington, Washington, Manteo, and Elizabeth City. 

The division maintains 43 ocean artificial reefs and 25 estuarine reefs, 15 of which serve as oyster sanctuaries. Ocean reefs are located from one-half mile to 38 miles from shore and are situated so that they can be reached from every maintained inlet in the state. The reefs serve as crucial spawning and foraging habitat for many commercially and recreationally important fish species in North Carolina. 

Click here for photos of the reef material deployment. 

For more information, contact Jason Peters, artificial reef coordinator, at 252-808-8063 or Jason.Peters@ncdenr.gov. 



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