Oregon Inlet Artificial Reef Committee


Hon. J. Richard (Dick) Parker, Retired, Committee Chairperson

From the OBAC Articles of Association 

Purpose... founded as a non-profit organization...

 The club shall be... concerned with...

 1.  The promotion of legislation, customs and practices for the protection, propagation and conservation of fish and other marine creatures and their habitats.

 2.  The advancement of these resources as a source of pleasure to those who engage in recreational angling.

What We're Planning to Do and How

As a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)7 organization, we are working with the Artificial Reef Coordinator for the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries to construct a new artificial reef for recreational fishing. It is planned to be 8 miles south of Oregon Inlet and within 3 miles of the beach in North Carolina waters.

We are planning to build the reef by having a large retired vessel and surplus, large diameter, reinforced concrete pipes sunk in place with funds from the North Carolina Coastal Recreational Fishing License Grants Program. The grant process doesn’t provide funds for a number of months, so we could use your help now to cover current operating expenses.

Please consider making a donation to keep this worthwhile local fish habitat project moving forward. Your donation will not be used for any other club purpose. For your convenience, you can either make a donation by using the PayPal "Donate" button below or mail your check or money order to:

OBAC Oregon Inlet Artificial Reef Committee
P.O. Box 7457
Kill Devil Hills, NC   27948

To follow the progress of the project, you can view periodic status reports by clicking on dated links below. Also, a donation solicitation poster can be printed from the document link below if you know of a suitable location to post it.

Thank you for your interest and assistance.