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Another Good Couple Days Fishing in the Keys with OBAC Friends

Monday, March 4th

Dear OBAC,

Latest update -

In between the windy days we get a chance to fish. On windy days we have to choose a second choice — swimming in the pool.

Thursday and Friday, Kay and I had a chance to get out on the water. Thursday, we were limited to patch reef fishing, so we chose French Reef.

Caught a number of “throw-back" Yellowtail Snappers, a couple very small groupers, and one-half of a grunt. Just at the boat a rather large barracuda ate the back half. Kay just let the head remain in the water as the “cuda" continued to feast. He was finally able to free the head from the hook and ran off with the remaining.

Since we were chumming, we had oodles of ballyhoo directly behind the boat. Kay has found a trick to easily catching ballyhoo without throwing a cast net. She sits on the transom and dips them out 6 or so at a time.

Then while we continue to catch from the bottom, we rig a free swimming ballyhoo on the surface.This enables us to entice Cero Mackerels to eat.  We had several hits before we landed a nice one.

Friday, we were joined by Brian and Lynne FORBES. We left the dock earlier than normal hoping to run to the Islamorada Hump for Blackfin Tuna. It wasn’t quit as smooth as expected, so we opted to try the Key Largo Hump first. That did not prove fruitful. After wasting about an hour, it calmed down so we proceeded to the Islamorada Hump.

After a rather slow start, we ended up with a nice catch. Three-and-1/2 blackfins and a nice dolphin. The half tuna provided a nice sushi lunch for something out there bigger.

We were home early in the afternoon in time to clean the fish and boat with time to rinse off in the pool.

Happy tales/tails to you,

- Sam & Kay UHLER and Brian & Lynne FORBES -