Friday, June 1st

Since 2002, I guess I've been on COUNTRY GIRL about 24-30 times. I told Capt. Charles I would rate this trip in the top 5 of all the trips I've been on, trust me I've seen some good ones!

Let's check the boxes of what went right:

* Perfect weather..... Check
* Slow moving current..... Check
* Stayed in same general area all day with minimal relocation....Check
* Everyone catching fish on each drop.....Check
* Most everyone catching some large Tilefish - 6 & 7 lbs......Check
* Most everyone catching Tilefish & Black Seabass.....Check
* Most everyone catching doubles.....Check
* Fishbox filled up......Check
* Even with a 2 hour ride, back to the dock by 3:15.....Check
* Everyone returns home safe, tired & happy......Check

Enjoy the pics!

- OBAC President Emeritus Stu BALDWIN -